Unleashing the Bummer

from by Goreshack



The sky is gray, the clouds look bleak
Another fine day on Wormwood Beach

The waves rolling high, crashing
The ghouls are surfing and slashing
Our screaming and laughing soars to the sky
The hipsters are crying with fear in their eyes

Anarchy, pain and butchery
In gore we always revel
Surfing, moshing and sorcery
And concerts for the devil

We do what we feel, no matter the cost
The baddest dudes around
As long as we're together
Nothing brings us down

Leviticorp is back, can you believe this shit?
Always trying to fuck us up, and rot off tits
But this time they have a different plan
To attack our perversions any way they can

No longer attacking our sexual motions
They've dusted us with potions to poison our emotions
They knew they could never kick our ass
So they're bumming us out so we won't fight back

Weredude and Chainsaw had gone on a run
Returned to the beach expecting some fun
What they saw next was a horrid disgrace
Hugging and crying all over the place

Steve for once wasn't holding a beer
He was sobbing profusely and clutching his ears
He tried to cut his wrists but we intervened
To stop the saddest display that we'd ever seen

Chainsaw had an idea, he sprung into action
Scrawling madly on a notebook algebraic fractions
He mixed a compound that exploded with a crack
He screamed, "gather everybody and cram 'em in the shack!"

They hurried inside, he grabbed a massive pipe
Then shoved the mixture he'd made, frantically inside
They passed is back and forth taking megalithic hits
Then got on the phone and ordered up some tits

While strippers danced we all got faded
After a while we're all inoculated
Fuck you Leviticorp, don't ruin our summer
Once again you've failed at unleashing the bummer


from Tombstone Tide, released May 11, 2016



all rights reserved


Goreshack Fresno, California

Goreshack is a surf inspired Death Metal band hailing from the trashy beaches of Wormwood Beach.

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